PigByt Protocol

PigByt Token (BEP20), developed on the Smart Chain (BSC). It has three built-in functions designed to store your savings, bringing stability to a highly volatile market:

Dividends for holders
Auto liquidity pool
Automatic burning tokens


HODL safety 'piggies'!

To increase liquidity and keep holders rewarded, PigByt has an 5% to 15% trading commission which makes trading affordable unlike other defi token that offer great rewards but make trading very expensive and leads to rare rewards and less money.

Based on amount traded and owned.
Rewards for holders
3% of each sell transaction.
Based on amount traded.
Automatic Liquidity pool
3% of each transaction.
6% of each sell transaction

About Rewards

Reward for holders

How dividends workParticipating in dividend collection program is very easy. All you need to do is HODL! 🐷 PBT and passive income (BUSD) will continue to pour into your wallet.

The amount received is from the commission and will be split among the holders according to the amount of 🐷 PBT they own.

Qualifying: To qualify for Binance-Peg USD (BUSD) rewards, you must hold at minimum 10,000,000 🐷 PBT in each wallet. No staking is required to recieve BUSD rewards. Automatic disbursement of BUSD fluctuate based on daily volume, distribution order, and gas fees.

About Liquidity

Automatic Liquidity pool

The protocol accumulate 3% of each transaction to the liquidity pool, ensuring the availability of funds.

About burning

Automatic burning

Transparent and benefical burning plan. The protocol will burn 6% of each sell transaction.

Safe and fair


6% gas fee for buy

16% gas fee for sell



Total supply 80B
How to buy?
For anything else, please contact us – we would be delighted to help.

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