The main goal is to create a simple and automated service for new start-ups in the world of crypto.


PigByt Project

PigByt is an investor driven project, the team behind it aims to develop a complete network for blockchain start-ups. We want to create a simple and automated service. Token and smart contracts builder, Swap-Exchange, Wallet, ICO directory and more. All of these services will work with PBT.

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What is PigByt?

PigByt is an investor-led DeFi Token (BEP20), developed on the Smart Chain (BSC). It has three built-in functions designed to store your savings, bringing stability to a highly volatile market: Rewards for holders, automatic liquidity pool, manual burns.

Rewards for holders

Holders are rewarded by commissioning traders which is based on the percentage and depends on the total number of tokens owned.

Automatic Liquidity pool

The contract absorbs tokens from buyers and sellers and adds them to the LP to establish a stable price floor.

Stunning Layouts

This project proposes the development of a manual, beneficial and transparent burning strategy. The conditions and the amount of manual burning can be announced.

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